The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: A Throwdown

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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey is all new tonight on Bravo. The wine continues to flow and so do the insults. Who starts the brawl and who finishes it?

The episode starts where last week’s left off, the awkward dinner at the wine estate.  Joe Gorga wants to liven up the party, so he strips down to his underwear and jumps in the hot tub.  Then Juicy strips down to his undies and Teresa yells, “you look hot baby!”  Kathy takes the time to seek out Teresa and ask her about the toast.  “Kathy and Richie don’t be so insecure,” is Teresa’s response.  The cousins continue to talk in the hot tub about how Teresa thinks Caroline is being stubborn.  Caroline can hear every word that is being said about her and is starting to get heated, but refuses to join in the conversation.  “She is a crazy bitch,” is Caroline’s response. 

When the women get out of the hot tub, they all sit around and Teresa and Caroline start going at it. “I apologized, what else do you want me to do?” Teresa asks Caroline.  But then Teresa tells Caroline how much she loves her and her children.  Caroline isn’t buying “her bullshit” and refuses to be friendly.  The conversation then turns to how Teresa is a media whore and Caroline calls her a liar about planting stories in the tabloids.  While the girls are fighting, the boys are inside laughing about how the tabloids pay Teresa for bogus articles. 

“I think you are a liar, a fraud and a disgrace,” are Caroline’s comments to Teresa.  None of the other women know what to do; Jacqueline is even pretending to be asleep. Uh-oh, now Juicy gets involved in the argument and tells Caroline to just end it.  “My husband will destroy him,” Caroline mumbles under her breath.  Lauren has finally had enough of the women not sticking up for her mother, so she stands up and yells at Teresa.  Teresa swears on her children that she didn’t write anything bad about Caroline in the tabloids.  In a heated moment, Teresa grabs Kathy’s face to look at her. 

Juicy hears all the arguing, so he steps outside. “Let’s attack Teresa, bring it on bitches,” Teresa mocks the women.  Teresa says there will be no more stories about Melissa or Kathy, so I guess Caroline is fair game.  Juicy makes an excuse that he has work to do, so they need to go home ASAP.  Of course, Teresa is more than thrilled to leave the lion’s den. ”Let’s go, I want to get the f*ck out of here,” Teresa squeals to her hubby.  

Just when you think the fight is over, Teresa comes barging out in her robe to tell Caroline that she NEVER wrote anything bad about her.  There is no convincing Caroline of anything different, so Teresa marches back into her room.  “She can go f*&k herself,” are Teresa’s final words. 

The Gorgas decide to change their flights too, in order to show support for Teresa.  “I don’t care what anyone says, I’m going to back my sister up and make sure she get home safely,” Joe tells the cameras. It really warmed Teresa’s heart that her brother stood by her side. 

Caroline kisses her boys goodnight and finally heads to bed. As soon as Caroline enters her room, she begins to sob. “I had a mental breakdown,” Caroline admits.

What did you think of the Teresa versus Caroline throwdown?  Was Caroline the bully or was she just fed up? Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.

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Photo and Video Credit: Bravo


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