Flipping Out Recap: Oh Jenni, What You Have Gotten Yourself Into?

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Last week on the season premiere of Bravo‘s Flipping Out, we learned that Jeff Lewis fired most of his staff, with the exception of newly engaged Jenni Pulos. This week, as the wedding gets closer, it seems as that is all the show is focusing on. But wait a minute, is this Jeff or Jenni’s wedding? Tonight left us wondering who was actually getting married!

Flipping Out was back tonight, or at least we thought it was, but seemed to be more of A Wedding Story than anything to do with homes. Gage was still unsure of the whole “new house” that Jeff purchased for them last week, although the pair did not seem to get into any arguments this week.

What we did see however were plenty of arguments between Jeff and Zoila – shocker, I know. Jeff even went as far this week as to tell Zoila that the new maid (Lupa) called her a bitch, and then Jeff told the camera that he loves to “push people’s buttons,” or in other words, it wasn’t really said. But have no fear – Zoila showed her who could really be a bitch, as Zoila spent the day relaxing on the couch while Lupa did all the maid work around the house!

Of course Zoila was slacking off because Jeff was in Chicago helping Jenni plan her wedding. Right off the bat I knew that Jenni’s intentions were good, but I could not help but wonder what the heck she got herself into. Jenni only brought Jeff along for his opinion, but he ended up taking over the entire event planning – well, almost.

Nothing was good enough for Jeff when it came to all the things that Jenni picked out for her wedding. He even referred to the event as “his wedding” several times during the episode. Jeff couldn’t even tolerate Jenni’s wedding planner, because Jeff needed to be the only “gay in her life.” But with someone like Jeff Lewis around to kill her mood help plan her wedding – what’s a girl to do? Jenni’s only option was to put Jeff in his place and let her know that she would do what she wanted regardless of his opinion. Oh Jenni, maybe you should have left his behind home!

We did see a minimal amount of homes tonight on Flipping Out. Okay, two homes. One was a preview client of Jeff Lewis, who he tried to bargain with to get more work done to her home, but she spent most of the time cursing him out. The other home we saw tonight was Gramercy, which apparently was hit by a drunk driver while no one was there. Yep, some moron smashed the entire wall outside of the home, but Jeff got detective Gage on the case.

The high note of tonight’s episode? Gage spent the entire weekend while Jeff was in Chicago with Jenni working his butt off on the Gramercy house. When Jeff came back, he was pleasantly surprised at how much work had gotten done, and hopefully it changed his mind about moving into another home….but don’t hold your breathe! We’ll have to wait until next week to see what Jeff and Gage decides!

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