The Real Housewives Of New Jersey Recap: Teresa Stripped Of Her Family And Friends

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The Real Housewives Of New Jersey season finale airs tonight on Bravo. Viewers are finally going to see what happened at the infamous “strippergate.”   This is the fight that caused Teresa Giudice to be on the outs with all the housewives, including her sister-in-law.  Is the Posche fashion show ever drama-free?  Lucky for us- no!

The episode starts where we left off last week, the Posche fashion show. Yes, Kim D’s big night that always ends up with the women fighting. Angelo (the creepy bald man) approaches the table to say hello to Melissa. Teresa pretends she has no clue who the guy is, even though she just talked to him at the hair salon. Melissa politely says hello, but she can’t recall where she knows him from. The fashion show starts and everyone is having a good time, except Teresa. Jacqueline can tell there is something “off” with Teresa. Melissa excuses herself to use the bathroom and Teresa immediately jumps at the opportunity to follow her. Let’s take a look at their conversation in the bathroom.

Melissa admits she worked as a bartender, but was not a dancer. “Technically it’s not a strip club, it’s a bikini bar,” Melissa tells the cameras. While Teresa is assuring Melissa that she loves both her and Joe, Angelo is telling people at the party why he was really invited to the fashion show. “Kim and Teresa want to blow the whistle on her,” Angelo admits to a fellow party guest. Then Jacqueline gets a text message from a friend that something is about to go down, but she isn’t the target.  What is this the Sopranos? Back in the bathroom, Melissa is now getting upset with Teresa and starts to call her hubby. Teresa wants nothing to do with getting her brother involved, but Melissa doesn’t listen and calls Joe.

While Melissa is re-hashing the entire story to Joe, Teresa is on the hunt for Angelo. But Kim D informs Teresa that Angelo has mysteriously disappeared from the party. Instead of checking on Melissa, Teresa heads back to the table to tell Kathy what’s going on.  Finally Melissa returns to the table just in time for Kim D to come and apologize to her for Angelo’s comments.  “Shut up and take a walk,” Melissa tells her.  “It smells like a set-up to me,” Jacqueline says as she keeps reading texts.  Caroline is sick of the drama and grabs Jacqueline’s phone to show it to Melissa. 

Kathy drags Melissa outside to get the full scoop on what happened with Teresa.  “All the negative things that come my way are coming from Teresa,” Melissa tells Kathy.  As the women are standing outside, Joe and Richie show up to protect their women. Joe is heated and is ready to go inside and start a fight.  Melissa tells Joe that his sister is the one who set this whole thing up, so Joe heads inside to find Teresa.  Immediately Teresa tries to tell Joe her side of the story, but neither he nor Melissa are buying it.  “My conscious is clear,” Teresa tells the cameras. 

Everyone is trying to leave the party, except for Teresa. “Caroline you will never come to this garbage Posche fashion show again,” Joe yells.  Caroline feels that Teresa will stop at nothing to make Melissa look bad.  Jacqueline then shares all the information about the text messages she received with Joe – it’s like adding fuel to Joe’s fire. “I’ll send you all the messages, so you can look at it,” Jacqueline tells them.  As Melissa and Joe pull away, Teresa comes out to confront Jacqueline.  Teresa starts yelling that maybe Jacqueline is the one trying to set the whole thing up.  Caroline sees that Jacqueline is finally realizing the type of friend Teresa is.  Just as one argument ends, another one begins. Joe and Melissa pull up to Teresa in their car and begin fighting in the street.  Joe pulls away and is swearing at his sister.

The show then ends with the reunion taping (from a previous season), which happens a mere 12 hours after the Posche fashion disaster.  We learn that Caroline hasn’t spoken to Teresa since the reunion.  Bravo also shares that Melissa and Joe put their house up for sale, so they could move away from Teresa.  In a camera interview, Teresa shares that she is so over her brother and refuses to cry over it.  She hasn’t talked to her brother since the whole Posche fashion event.   Then there is poor Jacqueline who admits she had a nervous breakdown over everything and needs to just walk away from Teresa. 

So what did you think of tonight’s season finale of RHONJ?  Was Melissa set-up by Teresa at the Posche fashion show? Let us know what you think, leave us a comment below.  

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Photo and Video Credit: Bravo


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